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(including GST)

Aarogya Ras – Prevention is better than cure.

 TsMadaan Aarogya Ras रोज़ क्यों पीना चाहिए ।

  • यह अनेक बीमारियों से बचाता है ।
  •  यह Prevention is better than cure के सिद्धांत पर बनाया गया है ।
  • यह ऐलोवेरा, आमला, wheatgrass, Moringa, Tulsi, Giloy, Mulethi, Ashwagandha and Neembu का मिक्स जूस है ।
  • 100% natural और vegetarian है ।
  • इसमें कोई भी artificial colour or flavour नहीं डाला गया है ।
  • GST मिला कर यह Rs. 450/- में 1 litre मिलता है और पूरे India में इसकी डिलीवरी FREE है ।
  • Quality guaranteed by TsMadaan.


There are many benefits of consuming Aarogya Ras, brought to you by TsMadaan, as a part of your daily nutrition intake. Aarogya Ras is a natural blend of Aloe vera, Amla, Wheatgrass, Moringa, Tulsi, Giloy, Mulethi, Ashwagandha and Lemon. Aarogya Ras majorly helps in restoring a balance of health in your body.


Maintain Skin and Hair health

The major ingredient of Aarogya Ras is Aloe vera. Aloe vera is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that helps maintain your skin and hair health. Consuming aloe vera is said to have more benefits for skin and hair than its topical application.

Manages weight

Aarogya Ras contains aloe vera pulp in its natural form. This is a very good source of roughage and aids in the proper digestion of your food.

Maintains liver health

The blend of herbs used in this formulation have hepatoprotective, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions on the body which not only cleanses and detoxifies the liver but also stimulates the functioning of the liver.

Natural Immune-modulator

Aarogya Ras is a highly effective immune – modulator. Tulsi, Giloy and Mulethi play a vital role in increasing the body immunity. Immunity is the effectiveness of your body to fight infections from foreign elements like bacteria, viruses, microbes, allergens, etc.