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I have stopped conducting Motivational Seminars w.e.f. 16 January, 2018, and started conducting Health Awareness Seminars. I am now into a mission of spreading Health Awareness. I have seen large population suffering from various diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Kidney, Liver, Cardiovascular, Respiratory,  and common diseases like Cough, Cold, Headache, etc. Majority of diseases are our own creations, largely because of our lifestyle.

Prevention is better than cure. I am not a Doctor. That is why I talk about prevention. Doctors can’t promote prevention. They are into curing business. They have invested lacs of rupees and lot number of years to obtain the degree of a Doctor. How can they favour prevention. Doctors are required in case of emergencies, surgeries, injuries etc.

I am uploading Health videos on my YouTube channel. Please watch them and lead a Healthy life.

Contact me at WhatsApp: 9810 656 393

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